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Pay by the hour as needed.

We work with full-service moving companies that can handle anything.

The Dallas Moving Pros know how to make moves work for you. We’ll help you find the best-matched moving company and provide hourly support when you ask for it. Sometimes, you just need a mover for an hour or two, and in that case, our pay-by-the-hour services are perfect for you.

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    Hourly Movers Near Me | Dallas, TX

    Truck rentals

    You can get a truck from 16 to 26 feet long. That ensures all your boxes can fit inside, and your furniture will be nice and snug as you drive to the new location. Now, if you’re just not comfortable operating a vehicle that large on the busy interstate, we’re happy to step in and help.

    Loading and Unloading

    Need help to get the boxes out the door? Our friendly movers can provide dollies, blankets, and other tools to ensure your items get onto the truck safely. You can request that we unload them at your new house to save yourself some time, too.


    Our Dallas labor-only moving professionals are your best resource when setting up for an event. In a big city like Dallas, events can feature as many as hundreds of people. You need chairs, you need tables, and you need them fast. Let our hourly laborers help you out and get everything in order.

    Why should you choose our labor-only home and apartment movers in Dallas?

    Time is of the essence. You need this move done fast, and you need it done right. The Dallas Moving Pros operate on a fast timeline and are experienced enough to guarantee your items’ safe transport. Why are we the top choice for moving help?

    Hassle-Free Pricing

    It’s fast and straightforward to request an estimate from our movers. We make it clear how much you’ll owe, and you won’t have to watch for surprise charges. (There are none.)

    Unmatched Customer Service

    We value our customers, and we believe that you deserve only the best customer service experience. Anything that we can do to elevate the level of service you receive, we’ll make sure to do it.


    You can hire movers for just about anything, and our hourly laborers are included. Whether you need an affordable mover to help you put your boxes into the truck, or you need someone to help you unload things at your trendy new spot, we’re available to assist you.

    Years of Experience

    Everyone on our team has a talent for something. Whether that’s navigating up flights of stairs with odd-shaped furniture or managing a large moving truck on a busy freeway, each of us has something to offer you during your move.

    No Question About Delivery Times

    There’s nothing more stressful than playing the waiting game as you figure out when your items will get to the destination. With our labor-only movers, you’ll know right when we are scheduled to arrive. Also, you can feel free to make changes to the arrival and delivery times as you see fit.

    Did you know you can use our team for events? Don’t miss out!

    If a big event snuck up on you, don’t feel like you’re out of options. Our labor-only movers can go anywhere in Dallas and to various surrounding cities. We’ll be ready to assist with all your event needs, from setup to cleanup.

    Most people’s stress peaks on their wedding day. We don’t want you worrying about small details, like where the tables and chairs should go. We’ll find the perfect place for them and ensure everything looks great on the day you get married.

    Office Reorganization

    Are you thinking about moving things around in your office? If you need to bring in new desks, it’s a great time for a declutter. Fortunately, The Dallas Moving Pros can take care of this for you with no problems at all.


    Many business owners turn to conferences to network with others in their field. If you have a conference in the near future, you might have a list of things you need to get done beforehand. Perhaps, you’re running the conference for the first time. If so, our hourly laborers are worth it.

    School Assemblies

    Every year, schools throw different assemblies and pep rallies to build up school spirit. If you need to move bleachers or tables around for a big school event, you are welcome to contact us. No event is too big for The Dallas Moving Pros.

    Trade Shows

    If you hope to set up a booth at a well-known trade show, you need professional movers who can help you look good. Our team can help you determine the perfect place for every item and chair, as well as carry everything for you so that you’re not stressing out before meeting new connections.

    And Everything in Between!

    Our labor-only movers can set up children’s birthday parties, family reunions, and high school graduations. Have another event in mind? No problem. We’ll set up just about anything and clean up after if you ask us to do so.

    When you need reliable, pay-by-the-hour movers, we’re here for you.

    Dallas Moving Pros is a great provider for dependable, hourly movers. Let us match you with the best Atlanta labor-only moving professionals. No matter what type of support you need—be it a relocation or event—we are here for you.
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